Lead Data Steward


We are looking for Lead Data Steward to join our Data Infrastructure, Data Quality Team.
The Lead Data Steward will be instrumental in advancing our Data Governance framework, expanding our data catalog, and promoting a data-centric culture across the organization. This role involves strategic leadership, team management, and hands-on involvement in the development and implementation of data management practices. The Lead Data Steward will be a key player in transforming our organization's data into a valuable asset for all.

Job Responsibilities

  • Data Catalog Management
    - Direct the comprehensive process of populating and maintaining accurate and current data within the data catalog
  • Column Level Metadata Management
    - Supervise and refine the management of metadata to ensure clarity and utility for all enterprise data.
  • Data Profiling
    - Lead efforts to continuously assess and enhance the quality and structure of data, applying advanced profiling techniques.
  • Data Standardization
    - Develop and enforce organization-wide data standardization policies to ensure data consistency and reliability.
  • Documentation of Data Provenance
    - Maintain careful records of data sources, transformations, and origins to ensure trust and transparency of data.
  • Advanced Problem Solving
    - Tackle complex data-related problems, devising and implementing strategic solutions to enhance data management practices.
  • User Support and Training
    - Establish a comprehensive user support framework, including training and resources, to facilitate efficient use of company data.
  • Usability Improvement
    - Gather user feedback and drive improvements to the data catalog's usability and functionality.
  • Data Evangelization and Democratization
    - Act as the leading advocate for data governance, promoting widespread access and understanding of data across the organization.
  • Content Plan Formation
    - Design and execute a content strategy to educate stakeholders on best practices in data stewardship, including conducting presentations and workshops.

Additional Responsibilities
  • Leadership and Strategy
    - Provide visionary leadership in the establishment and ongoing development of the organization's data governance strategy.
  • Change Management
    - Lead change management initiatives to encourage the adoption of new data practices and tools across various teams.
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    - Engage with key stakeholders to align data stewardship goals with business objectives and to ensure cross-functional collaboration.

Key Qualifications

  • SQL and Database Knowledge
    - Understanding of SQL for querying and updating data in databases like Vertica and Postgres.
  • Data Governance Expertise
    - Comprehensive knowledge of data governance frameworks with a proven track record of implementing and enhancing data governance practices.
  • Data Profiling and Standardization
    - Proficiency in utilizing advanced data profiling tools and methodologies, with a strong ability to promote and enforce data standardization.
  • Data Lineage and Documentation
    - Skilled in documenting data lineage and maintaining detailed records of data provenance.
  • Strategic Problem Solving
    - Strategic and analytical thinking skills essential for resolving complex data issues and contributing to the company's data strategy.
  • User Support and Training
    - Experience in developing and delivering user support and training programs.
  • Communication and Influence
    - Exceptional communication skills to effectively promote the importance of data quality and governance and to influence data practices across the organization.
  • Project Management
    - Strong project management abilities to oversee data stewardship initiatives and ensure the achievement of objectives.
  • Basic Python Knowledge
    - Exposure to basic Python scripting for simple automation tasks related to data catalog management.
  • Change Management
    - Demonstrated ability to manage change and drive the adoption of new data practices across diverse teams and stakeholders. This role is vital to ensuring that our data ecosystem is robust, reliable, and poised to support the strategic goals of our data-driven future. 


We Offer You

  • Remote work;

  • A flexible timetable — we don’t require you to be online at 09:00 sharp. You can start work at a time that suits you;

  • Interesting and ambitious tasks that will take you to the next professional level;

  • Learning: seminars, trainings and conferences. If you want to participate in a conference,we will help to organize it;

  • Team-building activities: movie nights, quizzes, thematic parties, annual trips to the countryside, football and volleyball matches;

  • Corporate discounts on hotels and other services; 

  • A young and active team of super specialists.

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